Soft Animal Toys

Soft and cuddly first friends for your little one

Soft Animal Toys

Soft and cuddly first friends for your little one

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Soft animal toys for friendship and comfort

We all remember our first soft toys, the super soft and snuggly animals we came to love and couldn’t be without. We’ve tried our best to find a selection of adorable cuddly friends for you to chose from. We are sure you’ll find someone to love.

Why Do Children Like Soft Animal Toys?

Children like soft animal toys because they offer comfort and support. Stuffed animals are so much more than just toys. Children are in fact building their first relationships outside of mum and dad and their soft animal will provide this companionship. Holding a much-loved cuddly friend can also help sooth a child’s fears when they are in a new situation or separated from mum and dad. Having a soft animal toy is a multi-sensory experience. Not only are children comforted by their softness, and familiar smell, but they are also learning important emotional social skills, such as empathy and nurturing, whilst playing with them. Basically, the relationship between young children and their soft animal toys is a practice run for the real thing.

What to Buy Children That Love Animals?

Children are naturally drawn to animals and buying them soft toys that emulate the animals they see around them every day is a great way to help them make friends with their soft and cuddly companions. Perhaps a puppy dog or an adorable lamb. You can also choose soft animals that they see in nature around them, like a fox or mouse. We love this little mouse in a house and it even has a matching jigsaw puzzle. If your child prefers something more adventurous, we recommend Kara Kangaroo who comes with her very own joey. We also love Jamie the Panda and our fabulous soft toy shark.