Baby Comforters

Soft, soothing and aiding a peaceful slumber for your little one

Baby Comforters

Soft, soothing and aiding a peaceful slumber for your little one

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Tips for choosing a baby comforter

Comforters are a baby’s first introduction to soft toys. Designed to calm and soothe, our baby comforters come as adorable little characters, some of them with their very own soft and snuggly blankets. These soft friends are sure to become an integral part of bedtime and will help little drift into a peaceful slumber.

What Age Can a Baby Have a Comforter?

A baby can have a comforter from the age of six months and onwards. Around the age of six months babies reach one of their first cognitive development milestones. This is when they become aware that they are no longer attached to you, and it is the beginning of them developing a sense of identity. However, this development can lead to separation anxiety and so this is a good time to introduce a comforter. Choose one style of comforter, that is washable. Perhaps get a couple of spares too. We love Bashful Bunny and Little Rambler Frog. You can sleep with the comforter yourself before introducing it to your baby, to insure it smells of you. You can also hold it together during feeds. Give the comforter to your baby for their naps and at bedtime, and soon it will become a new friend that brings them comfort when they are alone.

Are Comforters Good for Babies?

Studies have shown that comforters are good for babies and toddlers. Babies who are introduced to a baby comforter, such as a blankie, are much more likely to sleep through the night than those with no comforter. Babies with attachments to comforters are able to use them to self soothe. This is an essential skill if they are to learn to sleep through the night. Ebb & Flow Kids recommend choosing a comforter that is soft, tactile and machine washable, such as our Little Rambler Rabbit or Organic Doll Comforter.

Benefits of a Comforter for Babies?

There are many benefits to a baby having a comforter. Studies have shown that baby comforters play an important role in helping little ones to cope when they are upset, anxious or concerned. It has even been suggested that baby comforters can be as effective as mum in reducing moderate distress in babies. If you are having issues with your baby sleeping through the night, a baby comforter might turn out to be a worthwhile investment.