Wooden Animal Toys

Dinosaurs, sea creatures, farm animals and on safari

Wooden Animal Toys

Dinosaurs, sea creatures, farm animals and on safari

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A small world of wooden animal toys

Children love animals and farmyards, so why not let them play in the own small world of miniature and have hours of fun through imaginary play. All our wooden animals and farm toys are made from sustainably sourced rubber wood and are decorated with non-toxic water-based paints.

How to Make a Toy Animal Farm

Children love toy animal farms. They will enjoy caring for the toy animals and pretending to tend to them on a daily basis. To start, buy a selection of toy animals. Wood is best. Your toy farm can be traditional toy farm animals (cows, sheep and pigs etc), or you could choose to have a toy safari animal farm instead. Either way you will need somewhere for the toy animals to sleep, somewhere for them to feed and a space for them to graze. Perhaps our Farm Yard Set could be the perfect starting point.

What are the Most Popular Toy Animals?

Most kids love playing with toy animals. Ebb and Flow Kids have a selection of popular wooden toy animals that are robust and the perfect size for little hands. You can choose to buy a toy animal set, such as our pop-out cardboard safari animal set, or toy farm animal set. However, you can also shop for individual toy safari animals and farm animal toys. Why not think outside the box and have a sea creature farm. Our Sea Creatures set would be just the thing to help you child build a marine farm. Guaranteed to provide hours of fun and learning.