Teddy Bears

Every little one needs a teddy in their life

Teddy Bears

Every little one needs a teddy in their life

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Welcome to the Teddy Bear picnic!!!

Everyone should have a teddy bear in their lives. These cuddly and characterful soft toys make the perfect addition to any bedroom, nursery or playroom.

Why Are Teddy Bears so Special for Children?

We all had a teddy bear we loved when we were little, but why are teddy bears so special? Teddy Bears are one of the first relationships a child will build outside of the family unit. They rarely leave a child’s side. Teddy Bears, like our Tenby Ted, make the perfect first friend because not only are they soft and cuddly, but they never argue, talk back or have a bad day. They are a constant. Playing with teddy bears helps children learn and grow. Through playing with a teddy bear a child will begin to copy behaviour they see around them, in turn helping them process situations and their understanding of them, improving both language and social skills. Teddy’s can also be a huge help to mum and dad. If you have Teddy on-side, you can encourage your child to take part in activities they might not be enthusiastic about, such as tidying up and getting ready for bed.

Are Teddy Bears a Good Gift?

Teddy Bears are a great gift for children of all ages. They are so adorable even adults can’t resist them. Did you know that being able to cuddle a soft and squidgy teddy reduces stress and anxiety? By buying a teddy for someone, you are expressing love and concern. You are giving them the gift of a new friend and companion who will love them unconditionally. We recommend our Tenby Ted who is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face.