Wooden Tool Sets

perfectly scaled for little hands.

Wooden Tool Sets

perfectly scaled for little hands.

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tinkering with tools and construction

What Does Playing Builder Mean?

Playing builder simply means allowing children to role-play being a builder when they pretend play. Children love to use their imagination and create things. Pretend building and construction are a fantastic ways to encourage kids to explore spatial awareness and boundaries. Trial and error play a huge part in construction play helping develop problem solving and creative thinking. Kids also love to assume the role they play and will enjoy dressing up too. Construction play is important for both boys and girls improving fine motor skills and building muscles in little hands and fingers as they play.

How to Create a Play Toolset for Children

Kids love to tinker and creating a play tool set or construction area for them is a great way to encourage hand-eye coordination. A kids’ tool set can come in different forms but should include a collection of toy hammers, saws, nuts and bolts perfect for pretend play and children’s building games. A kid’s tool box is a portable box or case that they can store their tools in. A kid’s tool belt is a wearable utility belt that holds toy tools in handy pockets. Whatever the shape or size a toy tool set opens the door to creativity. Using toy tools allows children to practice problem-solving, build their independence and improve important fine motor skills.

Why is Playing Builder Good for Children?

Playing builder or playing construction games is good for children because it helps encourage their physical and mental development. Playing builder with a construction set requires planning, sorting, assembling, and testing. It is a hands-on way of learning and requires children to question themselves and explore their options, even at an early age. Even simple actions such as banging blocks or sorting blocks into colour and size aids exploration and discovery. Playing builder and construction games allows children to make sense of the world.