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Let children lose themselves in a world of pretend play

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Let children lose themselves in a world of pretend play

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Tips for buying toy dolls

What is the Best Baby Doll?
It is difficult to say which is the best toy doll to buy, as children have different likes and dislikes. However, buying a toy doll for your child is a great idea. As well as being fun to play with, there are so many benefits to be gained from playing with dolls. This applies to boys and girls. Our Baby Boy Doll and Baby Girl Doll are just perfect for this. Toy dolls encourage imaginative pretend-play and caring for a baby doll can help boost your child’s empathy and social skills. A toy doll can also be very useful in role-playing the daily things that happen in children’s lives, such as visiting the doctors, or going to school. Choose a doll that is soft, cuddly, and not too big. That way your little one can take their baby doll with them everywhere.

Popular Toy Doll Brands
Popular toy doll brands include Threadbear Designs, Bonikka and Ragtales. All of these doll brands are of the highest quality and meet European safety standards. These three companies specialise in making beautiful toy dolls that will become friends for life. At Ebb & Flow Kids we love Katy and Tommy.

What Age is Appropriate for a Doll?
Choosing a toy doll appropriate to your child’s age is important. Children of different age groups plays with toy dolls differently.

For age 0-2 years:
Comfort is everything. Choose a doll that is tactile and that can be cuddled in bed, such as Bella and Beau. Remember, young children can become very attached to their dolls, so it’s important to choose something that can be carried around easily.

For age 3-4 years:
At this age children’s social skills are developing very quickly. Consequently, they will begin to care for and nurture their dolls. Choosing a doll with clothing, such as Alma and Esme, is a great way forward

For age 5-6 years:
Children will still love talking to and dressing their dolls at this age, but perhaps now is the time to introduce doll accessories to aid pretend-play, such as a highchair, doll pram or toy pushchair.