Dinosaur Soft Toys

Meet our adorable dinosaur friends

Dinosaur Soft Toys

Meet our adorable dinosaur friends

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Roarsome dinosaur fun for all ages

Who doesn’t need a friendly dinosaur soft toy in their life? We’ve got a whole range to choose from. Our Fair Trade knitted dinosaurs come in an amazing selection of bright and bold colours.Take your pick and get ready to introduce your little loved one to their new best friend.

What to Buy Children That Love Dinosaurs?

We all know a kid who is dinosaur crazy. What do you buy them? Ebb and Flow Kids has so many dinosaur gifts to choose from. Our favourites include our Diplodocus Soft Toy who is great to cuddle. Our wooden dinosaur set that comes with its own shelving unit for storage. Our dinosaur tabard to keep little ones clean and tidy. Our dinosaur cushion for snuggly comfort and for fun, these water-based, washable dinosaur tattoos. Roarsome!!!

What are the Best Dinosaur Toys?

There are so many dinosaur toys on the market today. But, what are the best dinosaur toys that stand out from the crowd? We love dinosaurs at Ebb & Flow Kids and after asking all our other soft toys friends in the shop, here are our top five. Dinosaur Roar a pop-out cardboard playset by Playpress, Dinosaur Lotto a matching game for kids age 3 to 7 years from Orchard Toys, Dinosaur Pinball a travel-size, retro game from Rex London, Dinosaur Puzzles a set of six 2-piece puzzles for little ones and Big Dinosaur a 50-piece floor size jigsaw puzzle for toddlers, both by Orchard Toys.

What Age Do Children Start Liking and Playing with Dinosaurs?

From around 18 months to 3 years old, children start liking dinosaurs. The reason for this is that at this age kids begin to develop a sense of self. One of the best ways to do this is through imaginary play. Dinosaurs fit perfectly into this world of imagination as they are no longer alive. Instead, they fit into a fantasy world, just like fairies and unicorns. However, dinosaurs are particularly interesting because they did exist. They have fascinating names too. In fact, young children, around the age of 3 or 4, love learning advanced words, it’s part of their development process. Remembering the different dinosaur names can seem such a challenge to us, but children easily recall their complex names because they are developing their language skills and are learning new words every day. If you have a child who loves dinosaurs, embrace it. Dinosaurs make for a fantastic learning experience and in turn can lead to other topics of interest as your little one gets older.