Buy Pocket Money Toys Online

A place to spend those precious pennies

Buy Pocket Money Toys Online

A place to spend those precious pennies

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Pocket Money Tips

We all know how pennies can accumulate, and that children of all ages need somewhere to spend their pocket money. Ebb & Flow Kids have selected a range of affordable treats for children, which also double up as gifts for party bags and stocking fillers. We hope you’ll find something to make you giggle and give you a sense of nostalgia.

How to Spend Pocket Money

Kids can spend pocket money in many different ways. Some kids like to save up their pocket money for when they are on holiday. Some like to buy themselves sweets or magazines each week with the pocket money they are given. Whichever way, kids generally spend their pocket money on things which they want, but don’t necessarily need. Just bear in mind that the type of thing they want to buy with their pocket money might be very different from the items you bought when you were a kid. Just be patient.

Popular Toys Bought with Pocket Money

We have so many small toys that are perfect for spending pocket money. Everything is under £10 and ranges from useful to fun, science to nature. If your little one has pocket money they have saved up, let them have a look at our collection of pocket money gifts to choose from. Popular choices include our Grow Shark and Grow Unicorn, or Space Pinball, Massive Magnet and Marbles.

How to save pocket money.

Saving pocket money can be hard for little ones when there is always so much out there for them to spend their pocket money on. However, a good way to start learning how to save pocket money, is to set a goal. A goal for how much they would like to save, or a toy they would like to buy. It’s also good to get a money box to keep the pocket money in. It’s always great to hear pennies tinkling inside. Perhaps make a special day once a week when they can count their pocket money to see if it has increased. This can then lead to young kids understanding how close they might be to buying that special toy.