Toddler Toys

A range of popular toys for toddlers.

Toddler Toys

A range of popular toys for toddlers.

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toddler toy tips

Inspire and delight your child with our range of popular toys for toddlers, all designed to encourage interactive play and develop fine motor skills and coordination.

What’s the Most Popular Toy for Toddlers?

The most popular toys for toddlers are ones that stimulate and entertain. Look for toys that challenge your toddler both mentally and physically. Choose interactive toys that stack and sort like our Balancing Caterpillar, Wobbly Stacker and Stacking Farm. Toys that have buttons, dials and moving parts such as our Activity Walker and Mini Bead Coasters are perfect too. Popular toys for toddlers also encourage early learning skills such as number counting and letter recognition. Ebb & Flow Kids recommends ABC & Number Blocks and Bernie’s Number Bus to help engage your toddler with their alphabet and numbers.

What Toys Do Toddlers Need?

Building blocks are a staple toy for every toddler. They develop motors skills and hand-eye coordination. Toddlers love building things and colourful blocks can be integrated into play with other toys very easily.

Toy cars and vehicles are a great way to improve hand eye-coordination and dexterity. And are wonderful for imaginative play.

Small wooden animal figures are a perfect way to encourage creativity, they can even ride in toy cars and play and farm together.

Role play toys are a must for toddlers, such as play kitchens and food. Also try a wooden doctors kit or play tool set. Kids love to copy adults and play ‘grown up’ and child-size household toys allow them to do this.

Puzzles improve fine motor skills and help develop problem solving and special awareness. Choose strong board puzzles with interesting images and themes.

Dolls and soft toys shouldn’t be underestimated as an essential toy for toddlers. Not only do soft toys make wonderful companions, but they also allow toddlers to express emotions and help learn empathy and nurturing.

What are STEM Learning Toys?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM toys aim to teach young children about these four core subjects through fun and engaging play. The abacus is a perfect example and has been around for thousands of years. Our Activity House for toddlers combines the abacus with shape sorting and number recognition. Other STEM learning toys include building elements such as Stacking Owls or a Stacking Train. You can also find STEM learning toys for bath time and our Bath Cup Waterfall and Swimming Scuba Penguin introduce technology in a simple and fun way.