Bath Toys

shop our favourite bath toys for babies, toddlers and kids

Bath Toys

shop our favourite bath toys for babies, toddlers and kids

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Bath time is fun time, and our range of bath toys for babies and toddlers will provide plenty of imaginative play in the bubbles.

What’s the Most Popular Bath Toy?

Popular bath toys, such as bath squirts, bath cups, wind-up bath toys and bubble blowers are great for young kids. We also suggest waterproof bath books and puzzles which keep little ones happy in the tub. Remember, it is very important to keep bath toys clean. The warm and wet bathroom environment means they are susceptible to bacteria and mold.

What Age Can You Use Bath Toys?

For young babies, bath toys aren’t important, the water itself is enough fun. As they get older and are sitting up, look for bath toys that float, light up and engage their senses. Most importantly, always check the age guidelines on your bath toys to ensure they are age appropriate. It is also important to remember that just because bath toys engage children does not mean they keep them safe – never leave your child unattended in the bath.

How Do I Entertain My Baby in the Bath?

You want your child to have fun in the bath. Choose sensory bath toys for younger babies that float and light up. For toddlers engage them with water cups and waterfalls. For older kids try bath books and water-proof puzzles that stick to the tiles. Remember, kids can still learn and explore in the bath, whilst you concentrate on getting them clean.