Meerkat 3D Model

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Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100

Build your own 3D Meerkat model with this amazing arts and crafts model kit by Eugy. This meerkat model is beautifully detailed and incredibly cute!!

Simply glue the pieces together in numerical sequence and following the instructions printed on the cardboard packaging. Assembly takes 10-20 minutes.

Kids can collect other models from the range

  • Made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable card
  • Printed with natural eco-friendly ink and assembled with non-toxic glue
  • Educational fun facts included


Age: 6 years +

Brand: Eugy Models come straight from nature! The cardboard used for their products is made of recyclable material that can entertain children and also be reused for many generations. They take great care and devotion in creating these models – designed to bring smiles to people all around the world.

"What are you doing?"
Seagull Captain
"I'm dancing!"
Rope Separator
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