Jack in the Box

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A traditional plush jester in a tin music box. This super colourful, retro toy is a cut above the rest!!!

Turn the handle, on this classic toy, to hear the instantly familiar tune of Pop Goes the Weasel. Keep turning the handle and SURPRISE! The clown figure pops out of the box with his arms outstretched!

Simply turn the handle until you hear a “click” to reset the lid, push the jester back down and close the lid to reset the mechanism. This classic childhood toy favourite is as popular today as it has ever been, all set to entertain and delight a new generation of children.

  • Gorgeous retro design
  • Looks great in the bedroom or nursery
  • A classic toy every child should have


Age: 2 years +

Size: 14cm

Brand: Keycraft. Established in 1974 and is still driven by the same ownership and values today.

"What are you doing?"
Seagull Captain
"I'm dancing!"
Rope Separator
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