Dinosaur Roar

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Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100

Children have amazing memories so why not nurture this by giving them a simple but exciting game which is fun, colourful and competitive… and will make boredom extinct!

Starring a host of friendly dinosaurs from the popular children’s story book Dinosaur Roar memory card game  is simple to set up and easy to play.

To begin the cards must be shuffled and placed face down on a large surface. The youngest player goes first and turns over two cards and shows the other players what’s on them. If the cards match they take the pair and keep it to one side. Play continues as they turn over two more cards – if the cards don’t match they must be placed face down in their original positions and play passes to the next person on the player’s left. The key to success is remembering which cards have been placed where so you can select a matching pair when it’s your turn. But watch out – if a player picks up a card featuring Dinosaur grumpy they must shout ‘grumpy’ and all the cards have to be shuffled which means no-one will know the position of the cards.

  • Features 54 jumbo cards
  • Develops concentration
  • Improves memory skills


Age: 3 years + Not suitable for under 3 years

Brand: University Games. Quality is of paramount importance. University games and puzzles are built to last for years of great entertainment. All their products are safe and tested to British and European safety standards.

"What are you doing?"
Seagull Captain
"I'm dancing!"
Rope Separator
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