Buy Children's Raincoats and Umbrellas Online

Buy Children's Raincoats and Umbrellas Online

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Children's Raincoats and Umbrella's for Kids

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What to look for in a child’s raincoat

Here are four simple things to look for when choosing a child’s raincoat.

1. Weather Resistant – Firstly, make sure that your child’s raincoat is shower proof and water resistant. Our range of children’s rain coats are made with a PU (polyurethane) outer material. This means that they are shower proof and will keep your kids warm and dry on wet days.

2. Breathable – Make sure that your kid’s raincoat is made from a breathable fabric. Kids love to run around, even in wet weather. You need to buy a raincoat made of breathable fabric because it will allow air to circulate inside the raincoat and dry any sweat.

3. Comfortable & Lightweight – Making sure that your child is comfortable in their raincoat is really important. If they are comfortable, you have a better chance of them actually wearing the coat and not take it off at the earliest opportunity. Chose soft light-weight fabrics in bright colours and fun designs that kids will love. All the raincoats on our website have a super-soft towelling lining perfect for keeping kids snuggly. There are also some great designs sure to catch your little one’s eye.

4. Packable – Buying a children’s raincoat that is easy to fold away and pop in your bag can be a great advantage. After all, our British climate can be unpredictable at the best of times. Choose a raincoat that isn’t too thick and bulky, something that can be folded flat, and rolled up into a neat parcel. All the children’s raincoats featured on our website are made from soft malleable fabric that pack aways easily. That way your kids don’t have to miss playing outside just because the sky has opened. With the right raincoat, they can spend time outdoors, no matter the weather.

Benefits of a high-quality raincoat for children

We all know that children don’t always take care of their clothes as we might like them to. So, buying a high-quality raincoat is a good plan. A high-quality kid’s rain coat is something that can be handed down from sibling to sibling, passed onto a friend or even re-sold. A children’s raincoat that can be easily washed and is made from a durable fabric that will stand the test of time, is a step in the right direction. Our Powell Craft raincoats for children are durable, lightweight, comfortable and feature some gorgeous designs. They can also be popped in the washing machine on a cool wash, just remember to turn inside out first.