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help them start walking with push walkers

Buy Baby Walkers Online

help them start walking with push walkers

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more about ride ons and push walkers

Our innovative baby walkers and strollers are a safe base for toddlers to lean on as they walk further and further each day, experiencing the fun of pushing and pulling. Ride Ons for kids are always a popular choice, providing an opportunity to develop movement and coordination whilst having the times of their lives.

When Can Babies Start Using Baby Walkers?

Baby push walkers are suitable from 12 to 18 months old. Typically, a toddler takes its first steps around 12 months and a push walker can help support them as they begin to explore their surroundings. Our baby walkers are also toys in themselves and include sensory activities for them to engage in. Baby push walkers can also include building blocks and a space for little ones to transport their favourite possessions around the home. Walkers for toddlers allow them to find independence.

Do Baby Walkers Help Babies Walk?

Baby push walkers can help babies walk if introduced at the correct time. A push walker is designed to support your toddler in standing for longer instead of them using furniture. Also, a baby push walker helps strengthen the shoulder complex and arm muscles. Our baby push walkers also come with toy selections included which are specifically designed to encourage hand-eye coordination in the 12 to 18 months age category.

How Can I Help My Baby to Start Walking?

Firstly, remember to baby proof your space, clearing away clutter and fragile items. Let little ones explore their environment barefoot, so they feel different surfaces under their feet – wooden floors, carpet, grass. They get so much information though their feet and their brain adjusts the way their muscles react. They can sometimes need encouragement to get moving though. Try holding a favourite toy a few steps in front of them. As they gain in confidence perhaps place a trail of toys for them to follow. Remember to keep things fresh and use different toys. Before long they’ll be running rings around you!